Interview w/ Odd Man Out: TRIGGER warning, this episode touches on sensitive topics to the truther community.


Today @_theoddmanout uses his decade of truther searching to go over topics that are relevant today. He gives an impartial view on Trump and the movement in his opinion. We talk “he/she who shall not be named,” founding fathers and occult ties, communism and big banks and much more.  Want to listen to one of the OGs of this group, then check out this episode!

Find him on instagram, podcasting platforms, and twitter. @_theoddmanout

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Lastly, every show I put out, I do not know if the guest’s opinions are right or even if they are truly my opinions. But I will listen to every truther w/ an open mind and heart. When it comes down to it, we will need the human race to stand together, not be factions. 

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