Swapcast: @ajnatterstad19 & @_theoddmanout. HAARP preview, Tesla preview, Pilgrim Society, Hegelian Dialectic and more!


Check out my boy Odd man, and Alex! We have some great conversation and is a nice and fun listen!

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Left hand path practitioner @jeremycrow. a MINDBLOWING episode. We go into the mind of a “luciferian.”


Jeremy is not what you would expect as a partitioning luciferian. He is not saying it for shock value. He is not evil. He reminds me of an alternative universe Isaac Weishaupt lol. Super well read guy. please check him out


jeremycrow.com to find out more info about him and his work.

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Swapcast: The Oddest w/ @_theoddmanout and @thebigdumbpod: we talk statism the disease, occult worship, pokes, and much more


great episode w/ 4 guys who don’t grift, don’t lie to you and doing our very best to find this truth that’s hidden in a mess of confusion

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Interview w/ Johnny Cirucci. Who really pulls the strings of this world?


http://www.johnnycirucci.com @Johnny_cirucci 

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Johnny is a very well researched and informed truther. He really makes some great points to support his claim. He also has some great humor in this episode. 

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Sabbatian Frankist: The world’s most secret death cult around. How it links to Jesuits, Illuminati, Weishaupt, Skull and Bones. Communistic NWO


This is a great episode. Book is 1666 Robert Sepher, find out how the most disgusting death cult around has remained hidden and infiltrated every group of power. 

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Want to know why our education system is the way it is? Why do elite fund both sides of wars? Look no further


Hegel and Nicthe (illuminati) taught that all power belongs in the political class. It has seeped into every aspect of our society. Find out when this change happened and much more. 

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MK ultra, mind control, hypnosis w/ Jonathan Royle (he’s done work w/ David Icke, Richard Willet and many more)


we take a deep dive down the MSM, mK ultra w/ a professional hypnotist!



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Charlie Robinson: We talk school system, china, rise and fall of empires and how to prepare for any outcome


One of my favorite people in the truther world. He is like a Michael Jordan in this game. Please follow Charlie @macroaggressons and open your mind by listening to one of the best. 

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Keep reading, keep learning and keep fighting the fight. 

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Rant on current affairs, Max Heidel’s Rosicrucianism book, bloodlines of Cain and freemason belief system.


I had this topic in my back pocket for a while. It was a really difficult thing to comprehend. I did my best, it’ll maybe put some things in perspective for you about what these secret societies believe and are hiding. 

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WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU ARE STILL ON THE TRAIN. IT WILL CAUSE ANGER. @weve_read destroys the R spokespeople, his victims are tucker, Flynn, Linn, Falun Gong and shills


John destroys all the people in the movement. Shows their corruption, ties to elite groups and much more. If you are still stuck on T, this might destroy your world paradigm. This dude kills it and it was such a great show.

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